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Sunday, 18 January 2015 21:49

Our Track

Life's become too fast: everybody rushes, nervous. Needs are exaggerative, we are wasters and really self-centred. We sacrifice our free time, our dreams and family for the money. We find secure, planned "modern secure life" empty. We would like to live a "slower and calmer" life.

We would like to move back to the countryside, to be outdoors a lot, and perform manual labour. We thought that we would travel a bit, to see what's out there before we settle down.

We leave behind our current lives letting something brand new start! Two bicycles fully packed, tent, sleeping-bags and a gas cooker: we won't have flat keys, gas bills! We won't be able to get warm water by opening the tap, and we won't be following fashion to much...
We both lived abroad for some time. Maybe this also contributed to our openness towards different cultures. Our interest goes far above and beyond to the "typical sightseeing tour" kind of travelling. (Taking selfies is okay though!) We would like to get to know the world, to seize the real moments, to experience the everyday life of people of different regions, lands and countries.

The itinerary is written by us, we are heading towards places we pick, where we would like to go. That is where the name of our web page comes from: our track. (In Hungarian: Magunk útján.)
One's own way is always unprecedented, it does not matter how many people walked that way, and the journey itself is unique for everybody.

Apart from exploring the world, we are discovering ourselves with all our boundaries and weaknesses. Being confident also means that I know what my limits are, that I know exactly what I am not able to do. Now we will find out...
Our journey is about to run on a visible and on a spiritual level; this parallel promises to be very exciting!
We would like to spend the next period of our life with this journey.

Dear Reader/ Follower!
We gladly share our experiences in discovering beautiful places, getting to know people and cultures. We keep you up to date!

„Getting to know ourselves is the greatest journey, the most frightening discovery and the most instructive encounter..."

                                                                                                                                                            (Sándor Márai)

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