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Wednesday, 21 January 2015 22:51

Bátor Tábor - A Seriousfun Camp

Bátor Tábor (the name of the hungarian camp) was founded in 2001. The original idea comes from Paul Newman (yes, the actor), who decided to make a place, a camp, to those children who have serious disease, and can not go to a normal camp, because they need medical support. Now they have many pleaces in the US and Europe as well, where they can be as normal child as anybody else. This is Balázs's story being a volunteer, now almost for 10 years. What does it mean to him? See below.

I heared about the Camp, in 2005, I saw a poster on which smiling kids were asking people to join and volunteer to the Bátor Tábor camp. I applied as a volunteer, and they accept it. As I entered through the gate of the Camp, I feelt I'm in the right place in the right time, I went through countles experiences, I knew I would have regreted if I wouldn't join to the volunteers. I'm over my 7th summer session, 5th autumn family session, I have hold programs as an archer, a dance trainer, this was my 3rd year on the high rope course.

To be a volunteer and especially in this camp, is a determinant part of my life. I gave and I got tons of happines, I have many friends from there and I'm rich in experiences. 

Sometimes it is hard, we have some teers, but it's part of it. But never too much, we pay attention to the kids, not to their illnes, we escape the real child from them. The focus is on what they can do, (belive me more what they can imagine) and not on what they can't do. Actually they can do almost what they want. 

These kids give every drop of care in hundred times back. After all I think they teach us, to be a better person.

This film introduce the Camp, please watch it:


Élménykülönítmény (The Troop of Philanthropists), the charity runners’ community of the Bátor Tábor Foundation (Camp of Courage Foundation), was founded to support children living with serious diseases in Hungary. Our team members enter marathon and half-marathon races. With the performances that put us to the test, we would like to call the attention of those living around us to the issue of children with diseases. We call upon our friends, relatives and colleagues to give help jointly: we offer the kilometres we cover during the races or the preparations for symbolic adoption – for even the price of a coffee or a cinema ticket.

We don't run, but we cycle. A bit longer distance. Our goal is to collect as many people as possible, who are willing to support the Foundation's work for a year, with a monthly donation. We'd like to ask 5 dollars or 4 euros every month (you can give more if you can) for a year. A long term commitment to support this fantastic place! We are going to cycling a year in exchange, you can follow our journey on the webpage and on our Facebook page.
Thank you all!

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