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Sunday, 18 January 2015 21:59

Support us

We are looking for individual and company sponsors. If you, or someone you know could support us at any level, please contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you! 


Here you can read more about those companies that have already decided to support our journey:


MVP Images Marton Mundy and Endre Papp, the two enthusiastic and charismatic founder of MVP Images always look for a challenge, whether it is a making of a short film, or photo shooting. Social responsibility is important for both of them; they have cooperated with the Bátor Tábor Foundation and the Smiling Hospital Foundation too.


Endura: They offer great cycling wear products at a real good price-quality ratio. The most important features of the company’s products are durability and refined function.

Bagaboo Messenger and Shoulder Bags: The company was founded in 2006 in Budapest, since then Bagaboo brand has become a phenomena, and not only among the cycling-couriers but among other cyclists too. Messenger bags, belt, side, and backpacks, bike accessories are lined with imaginative palette. You can also design everything yourself, and ask your Bagaboo bag with your own logo

Rohloff:It is THE hub. The German company is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Rohloff hubs are really popular among all globe-trotters and all the other users. How we would characterise the company and its Hungarian distributor? Quality, reliability and exemplary treatment of customers!

Vaude: Vaude satisfies the demand of outdoor sports lovers, whether it is mountain climing, trekking, skiing or cycling. They use environmental-friendly manufacturing technology and durable, quality materials. The Hungarian wholesaler has been really helpful. Apart from the support that he provided, we also got valuable advice and exemplary attention! 


Online Office : Take a dozen of Hungarian IT-experts, system administrators and web designers who have the same passion and inner drive, mix them with experience and professional knowledge. Here you get a premium IT service provider with excellent company policies. You don’t have to look for the perfect company, you’ve already found them.


Hunor bicycle workhouse: The founder and owner of Hunor Andrew Horváth has been making cro-mo steel bicycles for more than twenty years. He builds mountain bikes, hiking, road-, and fixed gear bikes. His helpfulness and expertise are amazing! He knows everything about the material, he does not only welds, he works with artistry! He is really friendly, helpful, and free and easy. 


Trexpert : There are two Trexpert shops in Budapest. You only meet dedicated staff with high-level of expertise. They recommend the best product for you. If there is something not available in their shop, they order the product for you; if it is not possible an alternative product is offered instead. They know, they feel, and they love what they do. 100% customer-friendly outdoor shops!

Flying Objects: Flying Objects is a newly established design studio in Budapest. Feri and Andrew are both young designers. Their aim is to pair innovative ideas and technologies with good design. They believe that innovation and design should walk hand in hand to bring the greatest products to life.

Bandart Tattoo, Tata: Andrew Michl is not the only one in his family with fine art talent. His father is a carpenter, his mother is a wood-carver, one of his sisters is a ceramist, one of his brothers is a painter. Andrew used to be a carpenter, then he dealt with restoration and wood-carving. He has been the owner and the manager of this tattoo studio for two years. He’s constantly studying, taking courses.

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