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Monday, 06 April 2015 15:44

Stepping out the door...

21st March 2015 Budapest-Kecskemet (Hungary)

Written by: Balázs 

The time we had planned the last week at home before the big journey we had thought, that we would have time for relaxing on the week before our departure. You can image, we had still a lot to do: packing and re-organising our bicycle-bags, getting the missing gear, going shopping. We even had to drive to Vienna to get our Uzbek visas. It was a “touch and go” kind of visit. We spent 3 hours in the city, then rushed back to Hungary. 

Thursday was a family day, for Friday we had a strategy. We picked up all the necessary things in the city that we still had to get, then we locked ourselves up in the flat and started packing.

Apart from being busy all week it really had been a nice “last week” with many surprise.

On Friday we finished packing and tiding up the flat around 1 a.m. (actually it was already Saturday), went straight to bed, and woke up at 5:30 a.m. A quick coffee, we checked everything for the last time, then we left our apartment. It was really weird to ride our bikes with so much extra weight on them! We definitely have to get used to it…

We met our family, friends, and volunteers from the Bátor Tábor (the Hungarian camp for children with disease, for whom we are raising funds for,) at Clark Adam square, at the 0. kilometre stone at 8 a.m. We had a quick interview with RTL Klub and Hír24, we were really excited! There were many hugs, kisses, smiles and teardrops, good wishes and love on that morning. We finally got on our saddles, and started pedalling.


The weather was nice, a perfect start for our journey. And yes, it has begun!



On the very first day we reached Kecskemet, where the family of Eni’s colleague had waited for us. It was really a nice evening, we had a nice meal and a great time.

Before we went to sleep, we still talked a lot about the morning, the messages that we were still getting.

A new chapter of our life has just started with the 21st March. We had been planning the whole journey for almost a year, and here we are!

It is a day to remember!

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