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Sunday, 18 January 2015 21:40

Not just ours

You can call it eco-conscious or environmental lifestyle or whatever you like, the point is: we are responsible for our environment. Whether you like it or not, that is true.
If you don't fix your roof it starts leaking, if you don't take out the trash, if you don't clean up the house, sooner or later things will collapse around you. Is it not the same with everything else?
Why do we still think that protecting our environment is less/ or not important at all? Do you think it does not directly affect us? How about our children and grandchildren? Is it okay for them to live on garbage heap or without fresh air?
Before you ask, what you could do personally in your day-to-day life, here comes some of our idea, that might sound a bit trivial, but we think that these are the things that are worth repeatedly writing down.

1. Travelling:
Use public transport instead of driving.
What about your bicycle? It gets you in shape and it is quicker than anything else in town. (Think of the morning and afternoon traffic jams....)
Carpool! It is cheaper and it can be fun too.

2. Shopping:
Forget bottled mineral water. You produce a lot of trash by buying them, not mentioning that mineral water is far not as healthy as you think. Think global, drink local! There are many water filter pitchers available that are cheaper and long term than mineral water. Get a nice Nalgene bottle and take it with you every day. It is healthy to drink a lot of water!

Buy domestic products, whenever you can. You help the domestic market, the local producers. Products don't need to be shipped from the other side of the world.

Get a nice reusable bag and forget the „poly bags"! Whenever we hit the local market we grab our favourite textile bags and milk glasses. We never ask for the nylon bags at the greengrocer's, fruits and veggies are fine together in the same bag.

3. Consumption:
Do not waste! Switch it off, close it, and put it off! Try using less water when having shower, you will see how much water you saved (by taking a look at your bill...). Deenergize your telly; unplug your mobile charger when it is not in use. These are all just small things, but being responsible starts from here...

4. Selective waste collection:
It's simple and hopefully more and more people are familiar with it. Wash the yoghurt cup, clean the milk box and put it in the „selective" trash. If there is no selective trash collection in your neighbourhood, get it touch with the local council.

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