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Sunday, 18 January 2015 21:18

The route

Keep heading east!
The exact itinerary wasn't planned in a day. We were reviewed many options until we finally laid the course; we keep heading east. We are really attracted to Asia. The first question that I asked from Eni was: "How about cycling to Mongolia with me?" After all this, Mongolia became one of milestones of our journey.
Our track is semi-finished at the moment. It is about to stay this way, because it is really difficult to plan everything in advance. May it be some political issue, bureaucracy epidemic or natural disaster, an unexpected event; everything can affect our route. But we can also decide to spend more time in a place that we really like. Lots of things can change on the way.
We would like to put a tiny map on our website for you, so you can see how far we'll have gone and where we are.
We would like to visit the following countries:
Serbia- Bulgaria- Turkey- Iran- Turkmenistan- Uzbekistan- Kyrgyzstan- Kazakhstan- China- Mongolia-China-Tibet- Nepal- India- Myanmar- Laos- Vietnam- Cambodia- Thailand- Malaysia- Singapore- Indonesia- Australia- New-Zealand
...but this story writes itself, as everything else in life.


Click here for the planned route!

And here for the track we have done!

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