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Friday, 30 January 2015 13:07

Our gear

In this post, we describe the list of equipment we plan to take with us for the long journey. We go category by category.

Clothing: What would you take for a one-and-a-half-year long journey? If you go on vacation for 10 days you may take 10 T-shirts. But this is not the case here… We decided to take 4 sets of underwear, and when the time comes, we wash them. The same applies to the garments, socks too. We pack two pairs of trousers and shorts. A thin technical underwear, a down jacket (because it is light, small and really warm), rain jacket, a long-sleeved jersey, wind jacket, shoe covers, when it rains, sandals, if it doesn’t. A pair of hiking shoes each, hiking hat against the desert (and each other) day. We take a pair of rain trousers, knee warmers, helmets, gloves and scarves, because There’s going to be all kinds of weather! We bought extra small traveler’s towels (well, XS is not the size, but you can’t believe how small it can be folded!) That is all regarding clothing…

Sleeping: A tent must be of good quality, because it will be set up every day, and must have the elbow grease. We managed to get a support from Trexpert for a Fjällräven Akka 3. It's hard to find a good quality and at the same time affordable tunnel tent, the supply is not too good in Hungary. Our “new flat” has a nice and cosy “bedroom” part, and a covered front, where we can put our muddy shoes, bike bags etc. They stay still within the tent, but separated from where we sleep. We don’t have to worry about our stuff getting stolen while we are asleep.

The sleeping bag should be compact, lightweight, warm and affordable. Balázs have already had a good three-season bag, so we thought the same “The North Face Cat's Meow” bag will do for Enikő too. Again, thanks for the Trexpert guys for the support.

"Don’t try to save on your mattresses, because they’ll be your bed every night!" – Zita and Árpi gave us this useful advice. So we purchased two self-inflating mattresses. We have already tested them and they were amazing, even in cold weather! We still need two pillows though!

Camping: We need a cookware set, cutlery, cups, plates, knives, pocket knife, gas stove, water cleaner device, head lamps, camping shower (one black sack around 10-20 litres, good for store the water as well). Sponge and soap. A couple of small plastic storage box.

Health and hygiene: Basic medicines, bandages. Toothbrush, toothpaste, laundry soap, facial cream, shampoo, scissors, comb, nail clipper, needle, thread, pocket mirror, eyebrow tweezers, disposable razor, toilet paper, suntan lotion, mosquito repellent, cloth handkerchiefs.

Electrical gadgets: We would like to take a small, lightweight laptop, an action camera, rechargeable batteries, smartphone and a camera.

We pack everything in eight Vaude Aqua super waterproof bike bags(two front, two rear each). Thanks for The Hungarian Vaude for the support.

On the bike and bike parts we 

are writing another post.

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